Wednesday, 16 May 2018

2T Week 3

Firstly, how great were our beautiful children on their assembly performance! They had been practicing so hard! We have been dying to share this video with you! It is the children practicing singing while creating their Mother's Day pictures! So gorgeous! 

Friendology Focus
As you are aware, we are focusing on this program during Term 2. This week we are focusing on the Friend-o-metre which looks at healthy and unhealthy relationships. Students have also been made aware of the 4 friendship facts which are:
1. No Friendship is Perfct
2. Every Friendship is Different
3. Trust and Respect are the two most Important Qualities of a friendship
4. Friendships Change and thats OK.
Together with 2k we have unpacked these, provided examples and let the children discuss and ask questions in a safe and inclusive way.

Next week we will be looking at Friendship Fires and how to deal with them, specifically- quick come backs. Please come and see us if families would like resources to help assist their children at home understand these concepts.

Telling the Time
We have nearly finished our unit on telling the time- o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. Everyone is becoming very clever at telling the time.

Casuals for Catholics
Don't forget this Friday 18th May, is Casuals for Catholics free dress day. Please bring a gold coin donation.

Year 2 Family Mass
More information to come soon.

Hockey Clinic: Smarter than Smoking
Over the last couple of weeks students have been participating in the Smarter then Smoking Hockey Clinics with Mrs Carter. This was a fantastic opportunity for our students. Students learnt about the smarter than smoking message, skill development, team skills, leadership opportunities and for some, exposure to a new sport. The children loved this clinic!  

Parent Help
The roster is in the parent corner! Thank you to everyone who has put their name down and to everyone who has already volunteered.
We just want to make it clear that we know how busy families are, so there is no expectation/obligation that everyone has to do to parent help. Yet, if you wish to come in we appreciate the support!

We hope all our mums had a very Happy Mothers Day last weekend! We love our Mums! Below is some of the artwork student's produced. 
Enjoy the rest of Week 3 and the upcoming weekend.
Mrs Tippett and Mrs Martin :) 

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

2T Week 1

Welcome back!
It was so great to see all the smiling faces on Tuesday morning. We're glad that everyone had a safe, relaxing and much needed break! We have had a great start to the term this week!

Our class assembly is next Friday the 11th of May. The students have been practicing hard for the performance. We hope lots of families can come and watch! Especially our beautiful mums! ;)

Image result for mothers day memes funny

No costume will be required for the assembly, however if any families have bunny ears, may you please bring them in before the assembly next Friday! Thank you very much.

Image result for bunny ears

Parent Help 
A roster will go up in the parent corner at the beginning of week 3. Please put your name in a day/time that suits.

Some Reminders:
-Mental Maths needs to be bought in on Fridays!
-Please collect and bring in small cardboard boxes.
-Please ensure names are on hats and jumpers.
-Parents that have not had a parent/teacher meeting, please arrange a time with us if you would still like one.
Thank you :)

As always thank you for your on-going support. Please come and see us anytime if needed! It is going to be a great term! 

Kind Regards,
Mrs Tippett and Mrs Martin

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Year 2T Week 11

What a busy and hectic First Term it has been in Year 2! Everyone should be very proud of their children. The progress they have made and the hard work they have done this year so far, has definitely earn't them a well deserved break. We hope everyone has a relaxing and safe holiday, and we are really looking forward to next term!

Cardboard boxes
Next term we will be collecting small cardboard boxes that the students will use for constructing, in Design and Technology. If you could recycle boxes from home and bring them to class that would be fantastic!
                                                            Image result for small cardboard boxes

Aboriginal Cross Curriculum
Next term there will be a focus on Australian Indigenous culture and history, which will be integrated across all learning areas. Please keep an eye on school communications regarding NAIDOC Week and events/activities that will be happening around the school.

                                                             Image result for aboriginal flag

Parents Meetings
Thank you to everyone who came to the parent interviews last week. We both feel so lucky to have such supportive families working with us this year and it was great for us to also hear positive feedback.  Also thank you to everyone who has come in for parent help this term! We really appreciate it! A new roster will be placed in the parent corner early next term.

Holiday Homework
Over the holidays we want to encourage students to choose and read books they enjoy and are interested in. If everyone could please ensure that they have finished up to Unit 11 in their Think Mentals book that would be great! We will start Unit 12 next term.

Today we began Friendology and focused on the 4 Friendship Facts. Next term we will be continuing the Friendology program. Most students would be familiar with this from Year 1. We will be going over concepts and also learning more information about how to manage friendships at school.
                                                            Image result for friendships

Gathering Time
Due to commencing Friendology and focusing on being kind to each other, next term during gathering time we will be writing 'warm fuzzies.' Students can focus on a different member of our class each day and write something nice about them, and state something that they are really good at. This will continue over the first few weeks of term and we will have a sharing day once everyone has completed the warm fuzzies for each class member. Mrs Tippett will collect them each day.

Next Term
In English next term we will be looking at writing narratives, procedures and poetry. Students will continue using the Handy Reading Strategies, however we will be looking at more specific reading strategies in our small Literacy Groups as well. These will be taught and modeled explicitly.

In Mathematics we will begin with looking at Addition and Subtraction (moving to 2 and 3 digit numbers). Then we will focus on counting money and recognizing the value of coins. We will finish the term by looking at chance and probability.

In Religion the units of work we will be studying are, Joining the Lord's Meal and Gathered Together.
During HASS we will be looking at Aboriginal culture and completing some History units on ANZAC Day. In Science we will be looking at the properties of different materials (Chemical Sciences).

Below are some photos of the students collecting data to put into a graph. They had to generate a question to ask the other students e.g. What is your eye colour? Then they had to tally their results and later enter the data into a column graph. The students did an absolutely fantastic job of this! We have some brilliant mathematicians in our class! The end results were of a very high standard across the whole class. Well done 2T!

As always we appreciate your ongoing support. Enjoy the holidays and we will see you next Term!
Warm Regards,
Mrs Tippett and Mrs Martin

Monday, 19 March 2018

Year 2T Week 8

Palm Sunday Liturgy
Image result for palm sunday

As part of our school’s preparations for Holy Week, the whole school will be gathering at 9am each morning in the hall throughout week 9 to participate in a short re-enactment of the events of Holy Week.

Year 1P and Year 2T will be performing on Monday the 26th March at 9am. Parents are most welcome to come along and watch. This will be no longer than 15-20 minutes. There are a few different parts that will be allocated across the classes.

Costume ideas for parts as follows:

· Jesus/Disciples – an old sheet/pillow slip with a piece cut out for the head and arms. An oversized t-shirt would also the trick. Tie a rope/sash around the waist.

· Palm wavers: A towel/tea towel with a rope/lacky band over their head.

· Readers – To stay in school uniform. If your child receives a reading part to practise at home they do not require a costume.

Please feel free to use your own creative licence to modify costumes as you wish. Costumes should be simple and only take 1-5 minutes to put together. We are also happy with something as simple as a head piece, or anything that the children can throw over their uniform to emphasise the era. School uniforms can with be worn under the costume, or be packed into the children’s school bags to change into, following the performance.

Please have the children ready in their costume on the Monday morning during gathering time. We will go straight across to the hall to get ready on stage when the bell rings at 8:45am.

Thank you for your support in preparing this special liturgy. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Warm Regards,
Mrs Tippett

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Year 2T Week 7

Hello Families of 2T!
Below is some photos, upcoming events and information. We hope your child is enjoying Year 2 so far, as always please let us know if there is anything we can do assist your child at school.

Parent Help
An update on parent help!- A roster will be going up in the parent corner next week. We would love if parents could come in and help our students with writing in the mornings. The times will be
Monday: 9:50-10:20
Tuesday: 9:50-10:20
Thursday: 10:30-11:00

Many students seem to be misplacing their hats, please ensure their names are on their hat, and in their school bag in the mornings.Students keep their hats in their bags at school.

Students are encouraged to change their own readers during gathering time in the morning. They don't need to change books everyday, but a few times over a fortnight is ideal. If students are not engaging with the books we have in the reading boxes, please encourage them to choose books at home or in the Library that they enjoy and this can be recorded in the R.E.D. folders. Please keep an eye out for future blogs where we will show you how to utilise Reading Express for more options on leveled readers.

Palm Sunday Liturgy
On Monday the 26th of March at 9am, the children in Year 1P and 2T will be performing a short Liturgy focused around the Holy Week event of Palm Sunday. We have organised acting parts and reading parts, in which some of your children may receive readings to practice at home. This will only be a short 15-20 minute Liturgy and will require minimal costuming (if there is any). Please keep and eye on the blog in the coming week for more information.

Moving Desks
Now that we have settled into school and have gotten to know each other, students will be moving desks every two weeks. This allows them to work with different people and the students enjoy having the change every now and then.

Small group work
This week students have begun working in small groups for Literacy and Maths.
In a practice lesson the students constructed beautiful posters about Handy Reading Strategies. These strategies can be used independently by students when they are reading and need help. Please encourage your child to use these strategies at home when reading.

Our Handy Reading Strategies are:
-Sound the word out or try and swap sounds e.g. the letter A can make the short or long vowel sound/sometimes g makes the /j/ sound.
-Skip the unknown word, finish the sentence and then come back to it.
-Use clues e.g. look at the pictures, think about the storyline, what do I already know?
-Re-Read the passage or sentence to determine the meaning of an unknown word.
-Think, Does it make sense?

Here are some photos of us making our posters, please come and look at the finished products in our reading corner!

Have a great week everyone and thanks for your ongoing support!

Warm Regards,
Mrs Tippett and Mrs Martin

Monday, 26 February 2018

Year 2T Week 5

Hello Families!
Can you believe it is Week 5 already!? This term is flying by and we also have some long weekends coming up! Last week was a big week for our students, as it was the first week following our normal timetable and all the homework is now going home. Please come and see us if there are any questions or concerns.
Below are some messages and information.

Here are some photo's of our class looking for living and non-living things in magazines. They did a great job and found lots of examples to stick on their page. We had great discussions and the learning will continue on this week, as we look at how animals change and grow over time.

Please note that our Library day has now changed to Friday! Please bring the student's library books back on Friday's now. This is due to a timetable change.

Parent Help
It would be great to have some parent help in our class over the week. We will be starting small group work soon and extra help would be fantastic! Parent help will involve sitting with a small group and helping students with either their literacy or numeracy work.
If you are interested please look out for a roster that I will place in the parent corner over the next couple of weeks, and simply write your name next to a time slot that suits you.

Reading Eggs and Mathletics
Students will now have both their Reading Eggs and Mathletics' logins in their homework folders. We have been using these in class as well. Students may wish to access these at home, however this is not compulsory at all.

Reading Books
Students are going really well at swapping their own reading books. If they wish to keep the same book for a couple of nights that is fine. Let me know if any students need reminding to change their books. We are encouraging this to happen during Gathering Time.

It is great to have the first half of Term 1 underway, now we are in the normal routine and students seem to be settling in really well. Thank you to all the families who have been so supportive and patient during the swimming period. We are looking forward to the rest of the Term and the Year! As always please contact us if you have questions or wish to inform us of something that may impact your child's learning.
Everyone have a great and safe long weekend!

Warm Regards,
Alice and Alison

Monday, 19 February 2018

Year 2T Week 4

Spelling Homework

This week our schedule, routines and specialist timetable are in full swing. This has meant that this week we began our spelling rotations between the Year 1-3 students. The junior primary PLD phonic spelling program at OLC ensures your child is provided with appropriate explicit instruction and spelling phonic concepts and words suited to their individual needs and abilities.  These lessons take place in the morning after morning fitness Monday to Wednesday.  Your child will be given a list on Monday morning which will be glued into their light blue Look, Cover, Write, Check homework pad and kept in their homework folder.    

HOMEWORK Tonight your child came home with a blue spelling folder. Inside is a list of their PLD phonic spelling words, that students will be studying for this week. It is designed so that students are able to use the flap to 'cover' over each word as they write them.  We ask that your child practises these words in preparation for the spelling test that takes place in class every Friday. Aim for three times a week, however if your child wants more practise that is fine, or if you feel they have consolidated the words then no more practise is necessary! Please mark/check these with your children as you do them.  There is also additional lines/room on each page for your child to practise their tricky sight words each night. Sight words will be tested in class once a week on a set day (either Tuesday or Thursday). Sight words will be sent home tomorrow (Tuesday 20th)  Just to reiterate... homework is not to be a stressful time for families.  It is more about getting into good organisational habitats. Designate 15-20 minutes Monday-Thursday and encourage children to do as much as possible.  Thank you for your ongoing support and patience as we send out homework each week. 
Warm Regards,
Alice and Alison